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s★ withmildsymptomsturning to severe cases. -- A team of C★hinese medical experts carrying a batch ofmedical materia★ls aided by China arrived in Cambodia to help it fight th★e COVID-19. March 24 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping ta★lkedL

over phone with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokay★ev, noting that in the battle against the current global ★public health crisis, the urgency and significance of bui★lding a community with a shared future for humanity have ★become even greater. Only with solidarity and cooperation★ can the international community prevail over the pab

ndemi★c and safeguard the planet. Xi said China is ready to wo★rk with Kazakhstan and other countries to strengthen inte★rnational cooperation against the pandemic and safeguard ★global public health security. -- Chinese President Xi J★inping talked over phone with Polish President Andrzej Du★da, reiterating China's firm supportto the Polish go0




vernm★ent and people in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi no★ted China hadheld a video conference of health experts wi★th Polandand other Central and Eastern European countries★ (CEECs) to timely share information and relevant measure★6

s on epidemic prevention and control. Xi said by upholdi★ng thevision of a community with a shared future for huma★nity, China is willing to enhance cooperation with other ★countries to fight the epidemic and safeguard global publ★ic health security. -- Chinese President Xi Jinpingtalke★d over phone with Brazilian President Jair BolsoL

naro at r★equest, noting that the COVID-19 broke out in many partso★f the world and was spreading rapidlyandthe top priority ★now is for countries to strengthen cooperation. Xi said ★by upholding thevision of building a community with a sha★red future for mankind, and with an open, transparent and★ responsible attitude, China has timely released3

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    epidemic★ information and shared experience in prevention, control★ and treatment with x

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    the WHO and the international communi★ty without reserve, and doing its besp

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    t to provide assista★nce for other parties. Xi stressed that the internationa★l commu5

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    nity has already recognized that China made enormo★us sacrifices in the fight E

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    against COVID-19 and bought pr★ecious time for the world. -- Chinese authorities and ex

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    飌erts interacted via a video conference with health profe★ssionals across I

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    Latin America and the Caribbean states, s★haring COVID-19 prevention and control experi0

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    ence. Attend★ees were about 200 officials and experts from 25 countrie★s and3

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    representatives from the WHO, UNICEF, Pan American ★Health Organization and Inter-AmericN

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    an Development Bank. ★ -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism 4

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    of t★he State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing ★with disease control spg

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    ecialists and medical experts intr★oducingthe COVID-19 prevention, controland9

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    clinical diagn★osis information.As revealed at the press conference,spre★ading risks ofm

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    sporadic COVID-19 cases and imported cases★ still exist, thus the preventia

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    on and control work should★ not be taken lightly. March 25 -- Xinhua News Agency r★e4

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    ported that Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Cen★tral Committee, presw


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    ided over aS

    meeting of the H

    Standing C6

    ★ommittee os

    f the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Commi★tteeto hear reports of the epidemic prevention and contro★l and the current economic situation,and studyresponsive ★measures. The meeting decided to submit the measures to ★the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee for fur★ther review. -- Chinese President Xi Jinping talkedover 

  • 极速体育_在线直播

    飌hone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stressing Chi★na firmly supports Germany in its fight against the COVID★-19 epidemic and is willing to continue to provide assist★ance within China's capacity. Xi said that the Chinese a★nd German experts have already had video exchanges, and G★erman experts have also travelled to China with the WHO e

  • 极速体育_在线直播

  • 极速体育_在线直播

    飜pert team. Xi said China is willing to share with Germa★ny its experience in prevention, control and treatment, s★trengthen cooperation in vaccine and drug research and de★velopment, and contribute to the health and well-being of★ both peoples and global public health security. In the ★battle against the outbreak, the strength of solidarity a★nd cooperation between China and G6

    ermany,between China an★d the EU,havedisplayed positive energy, Xi said, addingCh★ina is ready to work with Germany and other sides to step★ up coordination and advocate the spirit of sharing the s★ame boat and jointly fight the epidemic, so as to shore u★p L

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    confidence in the international community. -- Under the★ joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Coun★cil, a press conference was held in Beijing asking for ef★forts toS

    The surface is fine

    strictly prevent imported infections and epidemi★c rebound at home. -- A new PCR lab assisted and built by★ China was inaugurated in Baghdad, Iraq, to increase the ★testing capacitc

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    y to contain COVID-19 in the war-torn coun★try. -- Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health plans t★o sign with American pharmaceutical company Gilead Scienc★es on China-led evaluN

    The vehicle explodes

    ation research of medicine Remdesivi★r. March 26 -- Via video link in Beijing, Chinese Presid★ent Xi Jinping delivered a speech titled "Working Togethe★r to Defeat the COVID-19 OuA

  • It's just mind-blowingly awesome.

    tbreak" at the Extraordinary G★20 Leaders' Summit. Stressing the outbreak is spreading ★worldwide and the situation is disturbing and unsettling,★ Xi said it's imperative for the international community ★to strengthen confidence, act with unity and work togethe★r in a collective response to win the battle against such★ a major infectious disease for humanity. Guided by the ★vision of building a community with a shared future for m★ankind, China will be more than ready to share its good p★ractices, provide assistance in its capacity to countries★ hit by the growing outbreak, and contribute to the stabi★lity of the world economy, Xi said. -- Chinese President★ Xi Jinping wrote in a reply letter to WHO Director-Gener★al Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, saying China has always su★pported the global COVID-19 containment efforts with conc★rete actions, and has offered assistance to the WHO and o★ther international organizations, as well as more than 80★ countries. Xi said China will continue to provide suppor★t for the international community in combating COVID-19 e★pidemic. -- Xinhua News Agency reported that Li Keqiang p★resided over a meeting of the leading group o3


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I saw for the first time the earth's shape

f the CPC Ce★ntral Committee COVID-19 response work, calling for stric★t implementation of measures to prevent the rebound of th★e epidemic within the country and efforts to step up meas★ures to guard against risks of ig

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    mported cases by land and★ water. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechan★ism of the State Council, a press conference was held in ★Beijing announcing that 23 provincial-level regions repor★ted confirmed imported cases of COVID-19 on March 25. As★ revealed by the press conference, pressure remains huge ★to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and people should ★prepare for more persistent prevention and control effort★s. -- e

    China's third medical team carrying ventilators, m★edical monitors, masks and other medical supplies arrived★ in Italy via chartered flight to help Italyfight the COV★ID-19 outbreak. -- China held a video meeting on COVID-1★9 pandemic with medical experts and health officials from★ the West Asian and North African countries. About 200 pa★rticipants from the Gulf Cooperation Council and 16 count★ries including Egypt, Algeria, Palestine,2

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    Lebanon, Kuwait★ and Qatar joined the online meeting. -- According to th★e data of China International Development Cooperation Age★ncy, China has thus far provided four batches of anti-pan★demic aid for 89 countries and four international organiz★ations, while the fifth batch of aid program was being de★veloped. March 27 -- Xinhua News Agency reported that X★i Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee★, chaired a meetS

    ing of the Political Bureau of the CPC Ce★ntral Committee to analyze the COVID-19 response and econ★omic performance. The meeting made new arrangements on c★oordinating the COVID-19 response and economic and social★ development. China will deepen exchange and cooperation★ with the WHO and continue to provide assistance within i★ts ability to other countries, according to the meeting. ★ -- Chinese President Xi Jinpingtalked over phone 3

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    with Sa★udi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, stressing viruses ★respect no national borders, and only by cooperation and ★with a collective response can the international communit★y prevail over them. Xi said the G20 major economies sho★uld uphold the vision of building a c4



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